Essay辅导 | EC348: Business History SECOND Essay


EC348: Business History 2021

SECOND Essay: List of Topics


Essays must be 3,000 words in length, plus or minus 10%.

You must complete one essay from the list below.

The submission deadline is Friday 9th April 2021 at 12.00 noon. Standard penalties apply for late submission. Background information, including slides and recommended readings, can be found in the Learning Materials section of the Blackboard site.

From lectures 6-10:


  1. Discuss the potential advantages and disadvantages of franchising, compared to vertical integration, from the perspective of the franchisee. What policies can the franchisor use to make the franchise more attractive to the franchisee, without reducing the franchisor’s long-run sales and profits growth? Illustrate your answer with historical case-studies.


  1. Drawing on a profession of your choice, critically discuss its historical development and how wider economic and societal factors influenced its progression. Your essay should explore a period of history of at least 50 years and should be discussed in relation to the contemporary profession. Where possible use historical sources to support your answer.


  1. How rational was the pricing of marine insurance by medieval underwriters?


  1. “The historical context might be different, but the underlying incentives, benefits and limitations of business networks remain broadly the same over time.”

To what extent do you agree with this statement? Refer to theory and more than one empirical example to support your answer.


  1. Critically compare and contrast two or more forms of business organisation from the perspective of business history in the Global South.

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